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Papyrus, stylized as PAPYRUS was an American stationery and greeting card retailer that at one time operated over 450 stores throughout the United States and Canada. It was headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and was the flagship brand of the Schurman Retail Group. The company sold a variety of products, including greeting cards, stationery, gift wrap, specialty gifts, jewelry, customized invitations, and other paper products. It was one of the largest greeting card retailers in the United States. The Papyrus product's rights are owned by American Greetings.

Back in Abril 2020, a former employee shared his/her bad experience working for PAPYRUS is a review posted by GLASSDOOR: "Don't care about their workers, No work-life balance, overworked employees"


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Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"I entered the position with a positive outlook. Within weeks a coworker start attempting to bully me, months later as it escalated into harassment directly related to my physical disability I spoke to my manager. Nothing changed I then spoke to my boss and her boss in person on two separate occasions and still nothing changed. I wonder if they’ve heard of The Americans with Disabilities Act. Cons: Allowing discrimination against people with disabilities."

Associate Manager (Current Employee) says

"Hired me under part time even though I worked full time hours. No AC or heat in our store and no motivation to solve the problem. Decent employee discount but I’d say that’s the only benefit I’ve received."

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"The pay is not that good, & they want give you over time. The work company has its favoritisms. A lot of people tend to leave due to pay & trying to get over time. Cons: Pay rate"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"So unprofessional and is only about making a buck. They don't care about their loyal employees and what people go through in personal settings. Just a terrible company NOW! Cons: Everything"

Sale Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks they don’t care for anyone but themselves it’s whole run around to directly speak to someone within the manger team, they’re very cut throat and will use you to benefit the business and when they’re done they’ll toss you aside Cons: Management"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says


Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with paypyrus but the manager made work very difficult for no necessary reason.Very unorganized and confusing training things i had to learn on my own or other employees were willing to help me.Work became an uncomfortable and negative environment due to the manager belittling employees and taking her personal frustrations out on others with things that could have easily been resolved bad.Beyond Unacceptable and very poor management."

Selling Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day there at a Papyrus retail store consists of receiving an overwhelming amount of shipment (daily) that must be opened, processed, organized, and then set out on the sales floor. Many a time the shipment is so much that we have no room for employees or customers to safely walk through the store. If you try to tell your superiors (regional manager or supply chain) that you can't take all this product, they brush you off and tell you to deal with it. If you can't fit it all out, you have to store it dangerously in the tiny back office room since they don't want to pay for an offsite storage unit. If you can't fit it in the back and leave some on the sales floor, you get disciplined for it. Then you get your district manager that comes and makes a mess of your store in an attempt to overstock the fixtures to "solve" your shipment problems, but then customers can't shop the product without breaking at least 5 things every hour. Cons: Everything else"

Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"With only one person in store you are xpected to do all visual, merchandising and receiving. AND take care of customers, wrap packages, and do custom stationary orders. Cons: No benefits"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"LOW PAY! I think this company may be either down sizing or closing. Keep looking for a better healthier place to work. Not the best place to work. Management lacks involvement."

Custom Printing San Diego Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was a great place except for the Regional manager. She was extremely bitter & hostile & was never held accountable for her inappropriate behaviors. Also there tended to be a lot of favoritism & exclusion. I really liked our west coast VP of sales, but he left soon after I left so the Regional manager most likely took his place, YIKES! Cons: Corp management"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"The job is seems like a very calm and chilling place to work at but then all that heavy lifting boxes can be a pain! The pay is also low as well, you only get 4-13 hour per week, wage is $15.00"

Picker/Packer/Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Was some of the lower-rung workers I got to befriend. The conditions were so-so. They said it was a climate controlled building - but it was not. Management could do with a refresh. It all seemed very high-school, but in a warehouse. It helped pay the bills, but it did not help the mind. Cons: lack of genuine respect"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"I came into the job hoping that I could build a career with the company but I see that advancement to upper level positions is far and few between. If you want to work in a retail store for many years then this is a great place to work. Cons: Upper management doesn’t communicate effectively to store level employees"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Papyrus full-time for less than a year Cons: Horrible staff Horrible manager No flexibility Demanded hours or fired"

Former Employee - Associate Manager says

"I worked at Papyrus full-time for more than a year Cons: The flexible time off was unpaid and used as a way to make sure my hours were cut so they did not have to give me full time benefits: i.e paid vacation They purposefully did not disclose that we were racking up paid sick time that we legally were allowed to use whenever we needed it for doctors appointments or when we were sick/hurt etc.. they were told not to inform us of this and we all had to lose hours when we were sick or needed to go to appointments. Then when we found out about them on our own, they denied we had sick pay when it was implemented over two years beforehand for every employee in Chicago. it was a pain to get the sick hours sorted because they would tell us it we did not tell them soon enough but legally if we are sick they have to give it to us. Our two paid 10 minute breaks were completely disregarded if when we were understaffed because the “customers got mad” if the line was long. We would get one unpaid 30 min break for an 8 hour EXTREMELY BUSY and mentally + physically exhausting shift during holidays. I always went above and beyond with customers, never showed up late, and I was a key holder closing almost EVERY working there a year and a half: I NEVER GOT A RAISE. I was getting paid the same amount as someone who never had to open or close, which is a lot of work and responsibility. They treated the friendly employees, such as myself, nice but at the same time exploited us. Would overwork us and make us go above and beyond for no reason other than to benefit the store because we did not get commission for our hard work! In the summer of 2018, the HVAC broke and it took them over 4 months to fix it during the summer months. We had to work in 90° humid weather without AC for 8 hours for nearly the ENTIRE summer!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Papyrus part-time Cons: No work life balance, overworked employees"

Former Employee - Retail Salesperson says

"I worked at Papyrus part-time for less than a year Cons: All stores are closing and no one has been told...shame"

Former Employee - Associate Manager says

"I worked at Papyrus part-time for more than a year Cons: -No benefits to part time employees -Constantly exploited (fixing things and paperwork a manager should fix, dealing with disasters alone, etc.) -Favorite employees given raises often (every few months) leaving employees who have been there for 3 years or more at minimum wage -Managers steal money -Vice President will use store conditions to attack you personally (you are dirty, you are disorganized, etc) -My manager was an airhead and kept scheduling me on days off (not a huge deal, I didn’t have to come in, but often annoying and stress inducing.) -Purposely under-staffed to force you to come in, absolutely no coverage if you call out -Alone for all of your shifts -No air conditioning"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Papyrus full-time Cons: Upper management is a joke. Everyone is out for themselves. Everyone backstabs people."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Papyrus part-time for less than a year Cons: The days were very long and you aren't allowed to sit down. The management was rarely there and it was very catty."

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"I worked at Papyrus part-time for less than a year Cons: They hire you as part-time, but you'll work full time hours with part-time classification, presumably to avoid the benefits stated in their handbook. They use a skeleton crew, so don't you dare get sick, because of course, sick pay is for full-time status."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Papyrus full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Horrible senior management. The amount of drama and disrespect is astounding. Most of the upper management will say one thing, do the opposite, and then lie about it to your face. Expect to be used and thrown away if you're "not useful." or, if you are perceived to be challenging/difficult when you don't ask 'how high?' when they bark 'jump'. the ceo is either an idiot or chooses not to see how hypocritical and petty the company is. it's amazing that they haven't filed for chapter 7 or chapter 11, given how thorough the lack of communication and disconnect is between the corp office and the stores. Not to mention the inconsistent and unorganized method of "training (or lack thereof)" that is provided at all levels. Consider yourself lucky if you receive more then a day or two and actually learn something that is useful and not fluff. The turnover rate is insane. Within one year, an entire district experienced a 100% change in just the store level management staff alone, from pt key all the way up to the general manger. At any given time, there's are always multiple openings for a store level manager in multiple (if not every) district. Sometimes, all the openings for managers are just for a single store. Raises and quality pay, you can forget about those. Instead, prepare to be overworked indiscriminately without so much as a please or thank you. Almost forgot....... If your dream is to always be Glitterrific ..... then this is the job for you. Yup, a dream come true..... GLITTER on you 24/7 (Argh!!!!)"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Papyrus part-time Cons: Management makes you feel incompetent when you make a mistake instead of training you properly Not good for college students (in my experience) Has an automated punch in system that says you are late even if you clock in one minute after Constantly reminded what to do way after the training stage, with a discouraging unenthusiastic tone"

V says

"Predatory company. a handful of fun cards...10 years ago. The problem is that it’s 10 years later and the designs are old enough that the thoughts inside are agonizingly stupid. I will complain vociferously until Papyrus sits back in its place: a $6.00 cute card, when I like the design. Papyrus is old, tired, and over. "